Day 1: 30 Day Self-Care Challenge!

I made a huge batch of Kitchari this afternoon. Its the perfect, nourishing comfort food for the rainy fall weather! Kitchari is a traditional Ayurvedic food made with mung beans, rice, seasonal vegetables and spices. This combination provides a easy to digest complete protein with essential amino acids and balances blood sugar. It makes a delicious meal any time of day. Ayurveda touts many benefits of Kitchari as a cleanse or “reset” for the digestive system.
I took extra time this afternoon to shop for ingredients and simmered a big pot in my kitchen until the whole house was fragrant. I had plenty to share and will eat on this for the next few days.
Loving myself with nourishing food today.  

What was your self-care act today? Join the 30 Day Self Care Challenge!


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