Women’s Circles & Groups

Below are descriptions of the women’s groups I co-facilitate in the West Sonoma County area with Shannon Rogge, MFT (www.shannonrogge.com)

women-power-fist-symbol-feminist-symbol-feminism1SHE RISES: Women’s Activist Circle of the Russian River 

meets every SECOND SUNDAY in circle format to empower, support, network, educate and strengthen one another in our collective and individual responses to the Resistance movement in this country. We provide a platform to share ideas, brainstorm, announce plans, protests, and actions to take in our community in support of human rights, environmental and social justice issues and hold each other accountable to continuing the acts of resistance in the current political climate. Visit the Facebook page to learn more or email SheRisesRussianRiver@gmail.com

Hands Of Young People On Stack At BeachRiver Mamas Connect

is a support and resource group for mamas in the West Sonoma County area. The goal of River Mamas is to create a supportive space to connect with one another and with resources within the community and to provide a safe platform for authentic discussion about the experience of new motherhood with emphasis on empowerment, compassion, humor and peer support. We aim to find lightness and nurture camaraderie in our shared adventures in parenting. Visit www.rivermamasconnect.com or connect with us on Facebook to learn about upcoming meet-ups and events!

Women’s Circle of the Russian River


Who We Are: We are an intentional gathering of women in the West Sonoma County area who honor the sacred cycle of moon and the divine feminine. We meet monthly in circle to share and empower one another in our individual and collective spiritual work of healing ourselves and our world. Our circle is egalitarian and we encourage all women to bring their own unique gifts and contributions. We come from all philosophies, backgrounds and belief systems and honor it all in this space. The New Moon Women’s Circle of the Russian River is a safe and inclusive space that welcomes anyone who identifies as a woman. We meet in 6 month closed sessions. The next session will begin February 2018 and will welcome new members who want to join! In the meantime, please connect with us on Facebook: Women’s Circle of the Russian River

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What a Women’s Circle is: a time to come together at or around new moon time to connect with each other, the natural rhythms of the earth and the feminine, to nourish our spirits and set intentions for what we wish to call forth in our lives or release in order to move forward. Every woman has the opportunity to lead or co-lead and share with the group unique insights, gifts and wisdom. Women have been gathering in circle since the beginning of time around cook fires and in weaving circles, connecting through stories and songs, sharing their sorrows, joy, struggles and celebration.


Why New Moon: Women have always been especially linked to the moon and its cycles. Our own bodies throughout each lunar month as well as the seasons throughout our lives reflect the cycles of the earth. The new moon is an especially potent time for going inward, slowing down and taking a hiatus from the business of our every day lives to reflect and connect. We all have our own unique ways of connecting with our spirit, with God, with Mother Earth, with the natural world and all the ways we are supported in our individual journeys. We gather at the New Moon, when the sky is the darkest, to share and nourish the connection with the Divine, to heal, to empower and to encourage one another in our work in the world.

What happens at a women’s circle? Each circle is a little different, depending on what each leader brings to the group. Circles in the past have included meditation, ritual, movement, journaling, art, and group sharing. Every woman is invited to participate at her own comfort level and all circle leaders are committed to creating a safe container for individual experience without expectations.


“Women’s spirituality groups explore each woman’s connection to the Divine. We draw strength and power from our female ancestors, from the goddesses, for the archetypal Divine Feminine, and from honoring our own sacred path in this lifetime. Rather than focusing on a theology that is abstract and draws its principles from an ethereal logic, WE OURSELVES determine what Spirit means to us according to our own experience. 

…At their essence, women’s circles are a tool for discovering how Spirit is meant to manifest in your unique life. The speaking, the listening, the ritual, the intimate relationships with women so alike and so different within the container of the circle combine to create an alchemical reaction that transforms and purifies, bringing you closer and closer to your true Self.
Women’s circles are, in short, ‘containers of emergence.’ “

~ Robin Deen and Sally Craig, authors of the book “Sacred Circles”